New Board Elected

Thank you to the parents who are participating for another year and to the new parents who have joined the board:

  • Chair: Cindy Connor
  • Vice-chair: Amy Evans
  • Secretaries: Catherine Zaborowska & Dean Wutke
  • Treasurer: Julian Christians
  • Representative to Britannia: Nilesh Patel
  • Membership Coordinator & Representative to OSC: Silvana Rivadeneira
  • Maintenance: Geoff Winters & Richard Stanley
  • Marketing: Rebecca Love
  • Fundraising: Anna Geeroms
  • Grant Writer: Melinda Markey
  • Member at Large: Fiona Ackerman

Many thanks to the members who served last year:

  • Fundraising: Claire Goth
  • Steven Tindal
  • Treasurer: Megan Winters
  • Eric Smith

Also thanks to Stephen Stewart for his help with maintenance and the garden this year.

Eagles in the Sky Association is a not for profit society and the dedication of our parent volunteer board members ensures that we can continue to provide high quality childcare for our families. If there are any parents who would be interested in being involved in the board, we still could use more hands, so please talk to Susan.

Also many thanks to the daycare staff, Susan, Suzy, Irina, Christina, Alice, Angie (on maternity leave) and the OSC staff, Kinga, Francis, Yvette , Patrick , Sarah (on a leave) and Kakada for all their important contributions throughout the year.

Finally, welcome to Craig Smith, who recently started as the Britannia Childcare Manager, overseeing all the centres in the hub.