Eaglets Daycare

Eaglets Daycare (2.5-5 yrs)

Please note:

Some hours of operation and protocols have changed temporarily during the Pandemic. Stay tuned for updates as we gradually return to normal state.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm (until further notice)
Rates (as of April 01, 2021)
  • Fulltime: $921/month
  • 3 days/week: $550
  • 2 days/week: $375
  • Drop-In: $55
Pandemic Protocols
  • Drop-Off:
    1. Families stay at entry for drop off/pick up – Families will not be able to enter the facility
    2. Social Distancing at Drop Off – signage will be present to encourage distancing practice
    3. Child Sign In – Educators will sign your child in
    4. Families/Educators confirm wellness at drop off
    5. Once warmer weather begins in earnest, children must have sunscreen applied prior to arrival. Staff will reapply in afternoon.
    6. We ask that children do not bring items from home at this time (toys, stuffed animals, books)
    Pick Up
    1. Please call the program 5 mins before arrival – allowing educators to get child ready
    2. Families are asked to wait 6ft away from person at entry door (one family at a time at entry)
    3. Children will get ready, meet the pickup person at door/side gate with an educator present
    4. Educator will sign your child out

    Please communicate via phone during operational hours.

Other Details
  • Snacks are provided
  • Children cared for by 6 licensed Early Childhood Educators, with 5-30 years experience, from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities.  Learn about our staff.
  • We are a non-profit society governed by a board of parent volunteers and also members of the Britannia Child Care Hub.

Suzy Liguori, Senior Supervisor, at 604.718.5856